28 March 2017

Hidden Dragon is delighted to launch our wellness program : *Summertime Samadhi* 

Samadhi is the Buddhist concept of bliss.


Summertime Samadhi is our holistic summer festival filled with inspirational retreats, workshops and events focusing on health, happiness, healing, and human transformation.  Created for a unique tribe of alpine adventurers, explorers, dreamers, yogis, nature lovers, foodies and free spirits with a shared passion for the glorious Swiss Alps and transformative travel experiences! Join us for a summer of wellness celebrating our love and knowledge of the Alps and life-enhancing holistic modalities, which will improve the quality of your life by attaining more bliss, inner peace, harmony and vitality!


Alpine Awesomeness – reach new peaks of health and happiness at Hidden Dragon!


Alpine Awesomeness celebrates all the magic of the mountains: from winter wonderlands to summertime samadhi.  The enchanting, invigorating landscape offers a unique opportunity to connect with nature and the healing power of the 5 elements, and to reconnect, ultimately, with ourselves.  Nestled in pine and fir forests, Hidden Dragon is set in 2 acres of its own private grounds, with uninterrupted views of the Rhone Valley, we are an idyllic escape from urban life. Built on feng shui and Buddhist principles, we offer an oasis of calm, a perfect sanctuary for healing and rejuvenation. 


Get ready for a transformative travel experience :

A total MIND, BODY and Soul REBOOT !



Alpine Awesomeness

For you sports fans!  A dynamic program packed full of diverse alpine activities so you can fully experience and enjoy the myriad of mountain sports available to you when holidaying in the magical Swiss Alps – a veritable playground in all seasons for you sporty types.  Our personalised program can include (subject to weather and your preferences) : Mountain biking, Cycling, Hiking, Rock-climbing, Via Ferrata, Canyoning, Zip-line, Swimming in mountain lakes and rivers, White-water rafting, Slack-line, Horse-riding, Fishing, SUP (Stand-up-paddle) on lakes….  to name a few.  A popular choice for those of you who get bored on the beach, have a passion for the outdoors and like to get moving!

Suitable for families.


Alpine Adrenaline

A thrilling and heart-racing program of knuckle-whitening activities which are definitely not for the faint-hearted!  Bungee-jumping, cascading, base-jumping, wingsuits, sky-diving, parapenting, glacier-trekking, heli-hiking trips to access the inaccessible…. are all on offer to get your adrenaline flowing and heart racing, taking you to some of the most stunning landscapes in Switzerland.  This program is definitely not for those looking for a restorative retreat… although the facilities of our luxurious lodge awaits you after your adventure-packed day, with gourmet food, fine wine, and a dedicated team ready to pamper you in the spa.  You can even watch yourselves on our big screen in your own private cinema, re-living your exciting exploits with your fellow thrill-seekers while you plot tomorrow’s crazy activity.  For travellers who abhor sitting still, or chaps looking for a luxury sports-based stag, this trip may offer the ideal solution.  

Experience and health assessment required.


Awaken Your Inner Dragon – holistic health coaching

A transformative, inspirational and uplifting retreat for those wishing to create a life with more purpose, courage, confidence, vitality, abundance and love.  A complete health and lifestyle overhaul incorporating transformational life coaching and holistic modalities to awaken the sleeping dragon within you.  We will help you take your power back, find your mojo, get crystal-clear clarity on your goals, and motivate, excite and inspire you to redesign a fierce and fabulous life!  Ignite your passion, fuel the fire in your belly and slay your demons and limiting beliefs which have held you back from living the vibrant life you deserve.  Learn life-enhancing techniques to help you move on from past traumas, disrupt the pain cycle, and embrace new strategies and processes to ensure you fly to freedom, peace, grace, empowerment and greater happiness.  Watch out world, here you come!


For those in need of some serious indulgence and pampering, Hidden Dragon’s Spa awaits you. Our holistic therapists are available at your beck and call to pamper you to perfection. Offering beauty treatments, indulgent body therapies, and a variety of soothing massages, we ensure you will return home from your holiday feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.  Ideal for a hen party: the bride-to-be and her favourite girlfriends will receive the goddess treatment before the bride’s big day or you can combine some aspects of our fitness retreats where body-toning and weight-loss are part of the wellness package. It could just be the perfect spot for a touch of 'me time' - a blissful trip filled with sunbathing, yoga, spa treatments galore, yummy nutritious cuisine and topped off with celebratory bubbles! All our treatments have been uniquely developed to balance every type of individual using the most natural ingredients and the freshest, locally-sourced herbs. Our treatments are just as special as you are. 

Cycling  - Calling all MAMILs !

Actually, you don’t have to be middle-aged man, or even a man, and actually, the lycra is optional too though highly recommended !  Have you fallen in love with cycling? Want to reach new peaks?  This is an exciting, dynamic program with new routes daily to showcase our incredible alpine landscape and test your thighs to their limit! A professional guide and support vehicle will be with you at all times to ensure you get the most out of your trip and not miss the hidden gems of the canton of Valais. After the day’s challenge, you will return to Hidden Dragon where you can relax with a massage, soak in the outdoor hot tub, be luxuriously fed by our Michelin-trained Chef and pampered by our dedicated team, ensuring you are refreshed and ready for the next day’s tour.  Join us for an unforgettable journey on the open road, push your personal boundaries and pedal into the pristine perfection of the alpine landscape of Southern Switzerland.



Bad lifestyle habits? Feeling sluggish?  Why don’t you join us for a detox from the crazy stresses of the urban jungle and the pollutants we ingest and reinvigorate yourself in the fresh mountain air? Serving a predominantly juice-based menu with the later addition of raw foods, we aim to cleanse the body with an alkaline diet and give the digestive system a healing rest.  We will remove processed foods, artificial flavourings, chemical preservatives, refined sugar, alcohol, caffeine, dairy and gluten. And then we will replace the void with a vast array of nature’s finest nutrient-rich fruits, vegetables and superfood supplements.  A gentle and restorative week for introspection and meditation, an opportunity to turn our attention inwards to a place where we are not our thoughts or our minds, just our true authentic selves.  With a mindful approach to renewal and vitality, this is a nurturing and heart-centred program incorporating gentle yoga, meditation, Qi Gong, holistic therapies, naturopathy and gentle outdoor pursuits aiming to bring the mind, body and spirit into balance.  You will return clearer, lighter, more in flow and with a radiant glow that people will comment on!


Family Fun

Want to spend some really QUALITY time with your favourite little people in a safe and secluded location?  Don’t know how you’re going to entertain them throughout the holidays? Want them to spend more time outdoors, in nature, and off their tablets and Nintendo?  We love hosting families at Hidden Dragon and are blessed to have returning families year after year, watching the kids grow up fast! The Alps offers a giant outdoor playground, filled with invigorating and wholesome activities from adventure parks to aqua parks, donkey and horse rides to farm visits, that will delight your children.  Hidden Dragon promises a magical, stress-free, family holiday with an activity to suit everyone’s tastes.  Our dedicated team will devote themselves to looking after you to ensure relaxed and rested parents and contented and happy kids! We also have a ‘baby-goes-lightly’ package so you don’t have to worry about cots, nappies, formula and so on, just let us know what you need and we will organise it.  It is a great privilege to be a part of such an intimate experience with you and your family, and we aim to create joyful, long-lasting, special memories that will be treasured long after your stay with us.


Fitness Bootcamp and Healthy Weightloss

Want to get fit, lose fat AND, most importantly, have FUN while you’re doing it?  Yes it’s possible! Using the unique, stunning alpine landscape on our doorstep as our inspiring outdoor gym, we have created a rigorous and invigorating training program to get you feeling your BEST, FAST!  Upon arrival, you will have a private consultation with your holistic health coach to assess your fitness and weightloss goals.  You will be supported and encouraged every step of the way with a talented, enthusiastic and empathetic team of health professionals who will cheer you on your way to success.  Learn new techniques, tips and recipes to nurture and care for yourself in a holistic way.  We don’t believe in faddy diets or starving the body but instead promise long-term, sustainable weightloss so you feel fierce, fabulous and fortified.

Suitable for any level. Take the first step to a happier, healthier YOU!


Food, food, glorious food!

As a gastro-destination, we take enormous pride in our cuisine and huge pleasure in delighting our guests’ taste buds.  We believe that good eating is at the essence of good health and truly believe there is no need for sacrifice or whacky diets if one adheres to a balanced lifestyle and the eating of ‘real food’.  Experience interactive cookery lessons with Hidden Dragon’s Michelin-trained chef who will share his secret recipes, favourite seasonal and local ingredients, local specialities, special tips, and fool-proof techniques. We will organise excursions to the local farms, fruit orchards, traditional markets, artisanal food makers (including our wonderful Swiss cheese and chocolate producers!) and tastings at Valaisan wine caves and Eaux-de-vie producers.  Weather-permitting, we hope to take you foraging for wild mushroom and alpine herbs in our neighbouring forests. Working closely with our holistic health coach, our Chef can advise you on optimal nutrition, detoxification regimes, and healthy weight-loss.  Plenty to get your teeth stuck into! 


Goddess Retreat

An inspirational and magical retreat designed to make you glow inside and out.  A profoundly healing and transformational week that seeks to awaken, inspire and celebrate the goddess within.  Perfect for all women: solo travellers, friends or family members who are looking to reconnect with their Shakti, shake their booty and bring their sexy back!  Our holistic approach to achieving optimal health and happiness incorporates yoga, meditation, movement, music, dance, outdoor pursuits in Mother Nature, heavenly spa treatments, nourishing foods, spirituality and creative self-expression!  This is an uplifting, positive and bonding experience, celebrating our soulsisters while we each take a profound personal journey to fully embrace our divine femininity through the healing of our pain, grace in letting go, forgiveness for ourselves and others, self-awakening, joyous self-love, and personal empowerment. 


Golf Addiction

Our tailored golf holiday is perfect for the golf addict!  There are 8 magnificent golf courses situated in the Valais canton of Switzerland.  A luxury golf paradise that has become a favourite destination for international golfers, the Valais offers four 18-hole courses at Verbier, Sion, Crans-Montana and Loeche (Leuk) as well as five 9-hole courses at Sierre, Crans-Montana, Riederalp, Matterhorn and Source du Rhône. On the plain or in the high mountains, highly competitive or just for fun, flat or rolling terrain, each club offers a unique experience for the perfect golf holiday in Switzerland.  Golf widows don’t despair! Our Spa awaits you!  Or day trips and excursions to the local towns (and shops!) near the golf clubs can be arranged. Crans Montana in particular has all the designer brands a women could want or for something more rustic, Zermatt’s pedestrian-only village is picture-perfect.

Music lovers

The hills are alive with the sound of music! Packed full of inspirational music festivals and concerts, the summer months are ideal for guests who enjoy listening to live music performed by some of the most talented names in the industry.  Many of the performances are complimentary and hosted in wonderful outdoor locations and do not require prior reservation.  The infamous Montreux Jazz spectacular, Verbier’s Classical Music and Opera Festival, Electroziles for modern electro, Nendaz Alphorn for traditional folk music, the Guinness Irish Festival and Sion’s International Music Festival are just some events that take place during the Swiss summer.  Hidden Dragon can organize tickets to any event but booking early is recommended to avoid disappointment.  Transport to and from the concerts will be provided so that guests may return to Hidden Dragon’s serenity after a vibrant evening of music and dance

Shamanic Wisdom

We have had the privilege to work with some of the most exceptional shamans from South America who sense the magic of Hidden Dragon’s unique location to perform their energetic work and healing ceremonies. It has been an honour to receive the healings, wisdom and blessings from these sage medicine men and women who have devoted their lives to raising global consciousness for the greater healing of our planet.  Shamans are at one with nature, seeing into the unseen world, acting as a medium between the visible, material, natural world we inhabit and the invisible, supernatural, spirit world which surrounds us.  These truly transformational journeys revive one’s connection with Source, align us with the healing power of nature, and awaken us to our authentic selves.  As you reaffirm and remember your connection with your true self, the spirit, the creator, the ancestors, the unseen world, perspectives will shift in such a profound way, it will change your view on Life. 


Hidden Dragon Unplugged

Stressed out? Overwhelmed? Exhausted? Frazzled ? Stuck? Lost?  It’s definitely time to unplug from the stresses of daily life.  Disconnect from the urban world; reconnect with yourself.  Unplug from technology and totally reboot your mind, body and soul.  Step away from those overwhelming responsibilities and step into an oasis of calm to allow yourself to focus on YOU.  Immerse yourself in our soothing and harmonious natural setting and allow the healing powers of Mother Nature and the 5 elements, combined with Hidden Dragon’s unique holistic approach, to restore the smooth flow of your lifeforce energy, your Chi.  This profoundly transformative week will bring you back into balance so you feel more at peace, empowered and revitalised.  We aim to return you home happier, healthier, reenergised and refreshed.  Let go, let go, let go, and let us look after you!


Yin Yang Yoga Retreats

An immersive, heart-centred retreat with twice daily mindful breath-based yoga sessions.  The morning revives you with meditation and a slow-flowing dynamic yang practice to awaken the body, develop strength, increase flexibility, create endurance and energise you for the rest of the day in the uplifting Alps.  The evening offers a stilling yin practice to soothe and restore.  A perfect antidote for urban stress, Yin focuses on releasing and letting go via the deep musculature of the body and connective tissues thus aiding physical, energetic, mental and emotional release.   A retreat weaving yoga, pranayama breathwork, meditation, yoga nidra, sound healing, journalling, story-telling, sharing circles, nature excursions, movie-nights, firepits, sacred ceremonies and more!

Yoga is for EVERYONE.  If you can breathe, you can do yoga… (and watch it transform your life!)


Bespoke exclusive VIP experience

Design your own perfect, personalised, private retreat.

Perhaps you want to create your own program with a little bit of sport and a little bit of R&R with a specific diet and some cultural Swiss experiences mixed in too.  Perhaps you have specific fitness goals or simply want to spend intimate, quality time with the people you love, celebrating Life!  Whatever you envisage for your private retreat, we can tailormake a totally bespoke program for you to ensure you have the most memorable, fulfilling and happy holiday!  At Hidden Dragon, we are devoted to your happiness so don’t hesitate to get in touch and let us know how we can serve you.


Want to host your own retreat ?

Calling all coaches, mentors, teachers, therapists, influencers and healers!  If you would like to host your own retreat, immersion, deep dive or mastermind at Hidden Dragon, using our inspiring location for your teaching and client transformation, please get in touch.  We love collaborating with like-minded souls so we can spread the magic of holistic, conscious living to enhance and improve people’s lives.  We will lovingly provide the backbone to your retreat, ensuring all things run smoothly and professionally, taking care of all the hospitality, logistics, activities and excursions, fully supporting your program so that you can focus on what you do best: sharing your invaluable teaching with your clients.  You, too, will return home happier, healthier, reenergised and refreshed.  That’s our promise to you!


Hidden Dragon Holistic Alpine Lodge & Spa

Veysonnaz, Les 4 Vallées, Valais, Switzerland

Owner : Ashlee Benis

Enquiries :

Telephone : +44 7970 652 684

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Summertime Samadhi is our holistic summer festival filled with inspirational retreats, workshops and events focusing on health, happiness, healing, and human transformation.  Created for a unique tribe of alpine adventurers, explorers, dreamers, yogis, nature lovers, foodies and free spirits with a shared passion for the glorious Swiss Alps and transformative travel experiences! Join us for a summer of wellness celebrating our love and knowledge of the Alps and life-enhancing holistic modalities, which will improve the quality of your life by attaining more bliss, inner peace, harmony and vitality!