gastronomy |gaˈstränəmē|
the practice or art of choosing, cooking, and eating SERIOUSLY YUMMY food.

At Hidden Dragon, we believe the old adage "You are what you eat". 

And we also believe that eating good food is one of the greatest pleasures on earth! 

Therefore, our cooking is nutritious, energizing, healthy AND delicious. Our menus are created with your optimal health in mind and are, of course, personalised to any specific dietary requirements you may have - we respect the bioindividuality of our guests, knowing one size does not fit all.  Ashlee is a holistic health coach and passionate foodie so she has designed balanced meal programs which fuel, nourish and heal the body while ensuring easy digestion, increased energy, heightened perfromance and better sleep.

Hidden Dragon’s gourmet chef mindfully prepares all your meals with love, using only the finest ingredients and superfoods to tantalise your palate and satisfy the hungriest of appetites!  We don't believe in whacky diets or depriving the body of calories or pleasure!  Our food philosophy is centred on balancing flavours, textures and food groups while incorporating the innate healing qualities of nutrient-rich wholefoods for long-term, sustainable health and vitality.

During our Summer of Wellness Festival "Summertime Samadhi", we have healthy weightloss and fitness programs where we will be offering healthful cookery workshops and nutrition guidance.  You can learn about the difference between juicing and smoothies and will learn about the health benefits of maca, chia, cacao, chlorella, spirulina and more.

Hidden Dragon’s private Michelin-trained chef will prepare hearty breakfasts, luscious lunches, teatime treats, evening feasts and irresistible petit fours to satisfy the hungriest of appetites, perfect for ski and summer guests alike.  Due to the founders' Eurasian heritage, our gourmet cuisine embraces an Asian-fusion style, combining the Japanese philosophy of letting good ingredients speak for themselves and classical French cooking techniques.

For lunch, our ski guests are encouraged to experience the fine alpine cuisine on offer in the plethora of excellent mountain restaurants throughout the 4 Valley region…. But if a guest prefers a luxury lunch curled up in front of the roaring fire or a picnic under a fir tree in the forest, Chef will of course be delighted to accommodate!


An emphasis is placed on using the finest produce, and where possible using seasonal ingredients sourced from ethical and local suppliers.  Luckily, the Valais canton in Switzerland is famed for its array of exceptional dairy produce, cured meats, fruit trees, vineyards, and highly prized Val d’Herens beef.


Please note, all meals can be adapted to any dietary requirement.  Children’s and baby meals can also be catered for according to parent’s wishes.


In order to ensure the most contented of stomachs, menus will be discussed with guests pre-holiday.

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"The ultimate ski-in, ski-out luxury!"

Tiffany Buirski.
Resident March 2010

"A stunning, secluded, stimulating environment"

George Juer.
Resident April 2009

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Summertime Samadhi is our holistic summer festival filled with inspirational retreats, workshops and events focusing on health, happiness, healing, and human transformation.  Created for a unique tribe of alpine adventurers, explorers, dreamers, yogis, nature lovers, foodies and free spirits with a shared passion for the glorious Swiss Alps and transformative travel experiences! Join us for a summer of wellness celebrating our love and knowledge of the Alps and life-enhancing holistic modalities, which will improve the quality of your life by attaining more bliss, inner peace, harmony and vitality!