hidden /hid(e)n/ - (adj)                             

dragon /’dragen/ - (n)

  • concealed; out of sight   
  • benevolent mythical creature in eastern culture
  • designed to elude detection; secret
  • inhabits auspicious lands
  • difficult to find; obscure
  • protector of the world and overcomer of obstacles
  • represents happiness, immortality, procreation and fertility
  • water diety: rain, snow, river, sea, ocean



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"The ultimate ski-in, ski-out luxury!"

Tiffany Buirski.
Resident March 2010

"A stunning, secluded, stimulating environment"

George Juer.
Resident April 2009

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 The Hidden Blog
Posted 2 months, 3 weeks ago...


Summertime Samadhi is our holistic summer festival filled with inspirational retreats, workshops and events focusing on health, happiness, healing, and human transformation.  Created for a unique tribe of alpine adventurers, explorers, dreamers, yogis, nature lovers, foodies and free spirits with a shared passion for the glorious Swiss Alps and transformative travel experiences! Join us for a summer of wellness celebrating our love and knowledge of the Alps and life-enhancing holistic modalities, which will improve the quality of your life by attaining more bliss, inner peace, harmony and vitality!