hidden /hid(e)n/ - (adj)                             

dragon /’dragen/ - (n)

  • concealed; out of sight   
  • benevolent mythical creature in eastern culture
  • designed to elude detection; secret
  • inhabits auspicious lands
  • difficult to find; obscure
  • protector of the world and overcomer of obstacles
  • represents happiness, immortality, procreation and fertility
  • water diety: rain, snow, river, sea, ocean



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"The ultimate ski-in, ski-out luxury!"

Tiffany Buirski.
Resident March 2010

"A stunning, secluded, stimulating environment"

George Juer.
Resident April 2009

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 The Hidden Blog
Posted 5 years, 2 months ago...


Lets face it, to be truly fit, lean and to get the most enjoyment from your skiing it takes a bit of hard work and preparation. Now that your legs are strong (from all your squats) and your joints are mobile (from all your flexibility), you feel powerful (from all your kettlebell swinging)… You can run!