Hot tub, Hammam, sauna, meditation room, yoga deck, rainshowers, and massage therapy are all on offer to soothe aching limbs and promote wellbeing.  A variety of beauty treatments are also available from our spa to preen you to perfection.

In winter, the Hidden Dragon Spa caters for its skiing guests and their aching limbs. The focus is on sports massage, deep tissue treatments, and hot steam, air and water therapies for their restorative qualities. The hot tub is a fantastic experience on an icy night!

In summer, if you are looking for a spa break, Hidden Dragon celebrates nature with a range of outdoor activities in its invigorating alpine environment.  Clients are encouraged to practise yoga, pilates and meditation to enhance their physical and spiritual wellbeing.


Arabic word meaning “spreader of warmth.” The medical benefits of the hammam date back to 200BC. The traditional steam experience allows the body to absorb heat which stimulates the immune system by increasing the production of antibodies and results in a total wellbeing experience. The benefits of hammam include pain relief, muscle and joint relaxation, respiratory benefits, detoxification, improved circulation and metabolism, and a more refined skin texture.


The word "yoga" derives from the Sanskrit root yuj “to yoke/join/ unite". Yoga can be seen as the union with the Divine by integration of body, mind, and spirit. Yoga increases flexibility, helps lubricate the joints, ligaments and tendons of the body, massages the internal physical organs, and improves muscle tone. Yoga ensures the optimum blood supply to various parts of the body which provides essential nourishment and assists in the flushing out of toxins. This leads to benefits such as delayed ageing, increased energy, a feeling of mental clarity and overall rejuvenation.


Dating back over 2000 years, Finns used this dry heat bath to cleanse the mind, rejuvenate and refresh the spirit. Their old saying goes: If booze, tar, or the sauna won't help, the illness is fatal! Sauna enthusiasts laud the health benefits of "sweat baths," attributing them with healing, preventative, and cleansing properties. Sauna-use can improve respiration, revive aching muscles, heighten tactile sensitivity and sharpen the senses whilst providing a sense of psychological peace and contentment and physical rejuvenation.


For centuries, people have recognized the rejuvenating, healing powers of warm water. Hydrotherapy relaxes muscles and joints, relieves pressure on nerves, reduces the effects of stress, boosts circulation, and accelerates the body's natural healing process. Strategically placed massage jets, advanced heating systems, and ergonomically correct seating are combined in our hot tub to ensure less physical stress, improved circulation, better sleep, and fewer symptoms of arthritis and back pain.



The actual term massage is derived from the Arabic word Mas’h - meaning to knead and to press softly. The first descriptions of massage can be traced back to 3000BC, where its use was documented by the Chinese to encourage mind, body and spirit. Massage calms the nervous system and promotes a sense of relaxation by reducing tension and anxiety. Massage therapy can also help with pain management in conditions such as arthritis, sciatica, and muscle spasms. By improving blood circulation, which delivers oxygen and nutrients to cells, and by stimulating the lymphatic system, massage improves the immune system and creates a feeling of wellbeing.


Though meditation is usually recognized as a largely spiritual practice, it also has many health benefits. Meditation lowers oxygen consumption, decreases respiratory rate, increases blood flow, slows heart rate, and reduces blood pressure - this all creates an improved sense of wellbeing. Meditation can increase levels of serotonin which influences mood and behaviour, relieve stress, reduce anxiety, and create a deeper level of relaxation.





Created to mimic the feeling of rain falling on one’s head, these oversized luxury showerheads are gaining global popularity. Rainshower enthusiasts attest to health benefits with long-lasting and revitalising effects on the body and mind. Providing a gentle and constant head massage, rainshowers generate a feeling of deep relaxation and well-being.


From pedicures to facials, please let us know what you require and a professional qualified beautician from our spa will meet your needs.

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"The ultimate ski-in, ski-out luxury!"

Tiffany Buirski.
Resident March 2010

"A stunning, secluded, stimulating environment"

George Juer.
Resident April 2009

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Posted 5 years, 2 months ago...


Lets face it, to be truly fit, lean and to get the most enjoyment from your skiing it takes a bit of hard work and preparation. Now that your legs are strong (from all your squats) and your joints are mobile (from all your flexibility), you feel powerful (from all your kettlebell swinging)… You can run!