Food for Thought

Epicurism, epicureanism

1.    The cultivation of a refined taste.

2.    A devotion or adaptation to luxurious tastes, especially in drinking and eating, or to indulgence in sensual pleasures.

For the foodie traveller, Hidden Dragon is an epicurean delight. 

At Hidden Dragon, we can organise a week totally devoted to satisfy the gourmand in you!  As a gastro-destination, we take enormous pride in our cuisine and take huge pleasure in delighting our guests’ taste buds.  We believe that good eating is at the essence of good health but see no need for sacrifice or crash diets if one adheres to a balanced lifestyle and the eating of ‘real food’.

What’s on the menu?

* Amuse-Bouche *
An introduction to Valaisan produce: cured meats, Val d’Herens beef, dairy products, fruit, grape-varieties, and wine.

* Starter *
Excursions to the local farms, fruit orchards, markets and artisan food makers.  Special days out wild mushroom and alpine herbs foraging in the local forests.

* Main Course *
Cookery lessons by Hidden Dragon’s private chef.  Using local and seasonal produce, Chef shares his secret recipes, favourite ingredients, special tips, and fool-proof techniques with you.  Working closely with our holistic therapist, our Chef can offer you advice on good nutrition, detoxification regimes, and weight-loss.

* Cheese Course *
Switzerland is home to 450 different varieties of cheese! 
A trip to the Swiss Alps would not be complete without a tasting of fondue and raclette.

* Dessert *
Apricot and raspberry picking in the local orchards and after, jam and preserve making.

* Petit Fours *
Swiss Chocolate is world famous.  Board The Chocolate Train from Montreux for a scenic tour to Cailler’s chocolate factory to learn about the history of chocolate, take a factory tour and indulge in a complimentary tasting session.

* Digestifs *
Eaux-de-vie, the famous fruit spirits such as Williamine and Abricotine, must be sampled.  Morand offer tours to showcase their art of fine distillery in nearby Martigny.

* Wine Tasting *
Wine-tasting, wine tours and wine museums in THE wine region of Switzerland is a must. The Valais vineyard is characterised by an astonishing 59 grape varieties, 26 red and 33 white. 

Wine lovers must not miss VINEA: an annual street fair set in Sierre on September 2nd and 4th 2011 which showcases over 1500 different wines. 

Plenty to get your teeth stuck in to!

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"The ultimate ski-in, ski-out luxury!"

Tiffany Buirski.
Resident March 2010

"A stunning, secluded, stimulating environment"

George Juer.
Resident April 2009

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