Luxury Transformational Holidays

Wellness Holidays for a TOTAL Mind, Body, Soul REBOOT

Offering a series of health packages throughout the ski and summer seasons alike, guests will receive 5-star training whilst enjoying our exclusive private accommodation, mouthwatering gastronomy and the beautiful world class location that is Les 4 Vallées.

Hidden Dragon Escapes: the luxurious way to revitalise your body and mind.  Our mission is to get you moving and performing optimally, whilst improving everything from your level of fitness to your energy levels to the quality of your sleep.


Detox, Juicing and Raw Food

Bad lifestyle habits? Feeling sluggish?  Why don’t you join us for a detox from the crazy stresses of the urban jungle and the pollutants we ingest and reinvigorate yourself in the fresh mountain air? Serving a predominantly juice-based menu with the later addition of raw foods, we aim to cleanse the body with an alkaline diet and give the digestive system a healing rest.  We will remove processed foods, artificial flavourings, chemical preservatives, refined sugar, alcohol, caffeine, dairy and gluten. And then we will replace the void with a vast array of nature’s finest nutrient-rich fruits, vegetables and superfood supplements.  A gentle and restorative week for introspection and meditation, an opportunity to turn our attention inwards to a place where we are not our thoughts or our minds, just our true authentic selves.  With a mindful approach to renewal and vitality, this is a nurturing and heart-centred program incorporating gentle yoga, meditation, Qi Gong, holistic therapies, naturopathy and gentle outdoor pursuits aiming to bring the mind, body and spirit into balance.  You will return clearer, lighter, more in flow and with a radiant glow that people will comment on!


Hidden Dragon Unplugged - Time for a Digital Detox

Stressed out? Overwhelmed? Exhausted? Frazzled ? Stuck? Lost?  It’s definitely time to unplug from the stresses of daily life.  Disconnect from the urban world; reconnect with yourself.  Unplug from technology and totally reboot your mind, body and soul.  Step away from those overwhelming responsibilities and step into an oasis of calm to allow yourself to focus on YOU.  Immerse yourself in our soothing and harmonious natural setting and allow the healing powers of Mother Nature and the 5 elements, combined with Hidden Dragon’s unique holistic approach, to restore the smooth flow of your lifeforce energy, your Chi.  This profoundly transformative week will bring you back into balance so you feel more at peace, empowered and revitalised.  We aim to return you home happier, healthier, reenergised and refreshed.  Let go, let go, let go, and let us look after you!


Awaken Your Inner Dragon – holistic health coaching

A transformative, inspirational and uplifting retreat for those wishing to create a life with more purpose, courage, confidence, vitality, abundance and love.  A complete health and lifestyle overhaul incorporating transformational life coaching and holistic modalities to awaken the sleeping dragon within you.  We will help you take your power back, find your mojo, get crystal-clear clarity on your goals, and motivate, excite and inspire you to redesign a fierce and fabulous life!  Ignite your passion, fuel the fire in your belly and slay your demons and limiting beliefs which have held you back from living the vibrant life you deserve.  Learn life-enhancing techniques to help you move on from past traumas, disrupt the pain cycle, and embrace new strategies and processes to ensure you fly to freedom, peace, grace, empowerment and greater happiness.  Watch out world, here you come!


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 What People Are Saying

"The ultimate ski-in, ski-out luxury!"

Tiffany Buirski.
Resident March 2010

"A stunning, secluded, stimulating environment"

George Juer.
Resident April 2009

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Summertime Samadhi is our holistic summer festival filled with inspirational retreats, workshops and events focusing on health, happiness, healing, and human transformation.  Created for a unique tribe of alpine adventurers, explorers, dreamers, yogis, nature lovers, foodies and free spirits with a shared passion for the glorious Swiss Alps and transformative travel experiences! Join us for a summer of wellness celebrating our love and knowledge of the Alps and life-enhancing holistic modalities, which will improve the quality of your life by attaining more bliss, inner peace, harmony and vitality!