The doctrine that pleasure or happiness is the sole or chief good in life

For those in need of some serious indulgence and pampering, the Hidden Dragon Spa awaits you. 

Hidden Dragon’s holistic spa therapist is available at your beck and call to pamper you to perfection. Offering beauty treatments, body therapies, and a variety of hedonistic massages, we ensure you will return home from your holiday feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Ideal for an indulgent hen party: the bride-to-be and her favourite girlfriends will receive the goddess treatment before the bride’s big day.

For the active bride-to-be, this spa-focused holiday in Switzerland may be combined with Hidden Dragon’s Lomax Personal Training and Fitness week where body-toning and weight-loss are part of the holistic wellness package.

It could just be the perfect spot for a touch of 'me time' - a blissful trip filled with sunbathing, yoga, spa treatments galore served alongside light, delicious and nutritious cuisine and topped off with celebratory bubbles!

The Hidden Dragon Spa focuses on the concept of Ayurveda, which emphasises both the internal and external beauty of a person. It is a holistic form of healing developed by various cultures which all embrace the same central belief - that beauty begins from within. 

The body should be beautifully balanced and through ongoing personal care through meditation, yoga, good diet and beauty treatments, one can re-establish a harmonious mind, body and soul. All our treatments have been uniquely developed to balance every type of individual using the most natural ingredients and freshest locally sourced herbs. Our treatments are just as special as you are. 

Prices start from 10,000 CHF for a 2 night stay

1 complimentary spa treatment per guest

Complimentary champagne


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 What People Are Saying

"The ultimate ski-in, ski-out luxury!"

Tiffany Buirski.
Resident March 2010

"A stunning, secluded, stimulating environment"

George Juer.
Resident April 2009

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 The Hidden Blog
Posted 5 years, 2 months ago...


Lets face it, to be truly fit, lean and to get the most enjoyment from your skiing it takes a bit of hard work and preparation. Now that your legs are strong (from all your squats) and your joints are mobile (from all your flexibility), you feel powerful (from all your kettlebell swinging)… You can run!